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CLGE Students Contest & FIG 1st Young Surveyors European Meeting
Dear Colleagues and Friends,

With this email we want to remind you that the deadline for the submission of papers is coming closer and closer.

Please ask your students (the three categories) and young surveyors (the third category) to submit their papers ASAP and not later than 05 August 2013 (contest@clge.eu details on http://www.clge.eu/news/index/87).

We draw your attention on the fact that the prizes for the two first categories will be awarded in Essen, during INTERGEO.

The third category award will be handed over during the Young Surveyors Network meeting in Lisbon.

Please find a message of FIG YSN Chair Elect Eva-Maria Unger hereafter:


Michelle & Jyp

Dear All,
It gives me great pleasure to invite your Young Surveyors to our 1st FIG Young Surveyors European Meeting in Lisboa, Portugal from 17th-18th October 2013. The meeting is jointly organized by FIG Young Surveyors Network and the Ordem dos Engenheiros - Colégio de Engenharia Geográfica supported by FIG, CLGE and FIG Foundation.
The Meeting will bring together young surveyors and professionals from all over Europe and we are expecting approximately 150 participants from over 20 countries. The 1st FIG Young Surveyors European Meeting will bring together participants of different cultures, from diverse surveying traditions and varying professional experiences.
There will be options for presenting reviewed, academic, technical and practical papers, and thus certainly of interest to participants from all over Europe. There will also be social events and the experiences in Lisboa that will be unique and memorable for sure. More information about the meeting and the detailed program is available on the meeting web site.
This is an invitation to the Young Surveyors of your association to participate at the meeting and represent your association there. I am kindly asking your association to share this information and to nominate Young Surveyors for participation and support them to attend the meeting.
Many thanks and yours sincerely,

Eva-Maria Unger

Secretary FIG Young Surveyors Network




FIG Working week 2015
Welcome in Bulgaria - FIG Working week 2015



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FIG Working Week 2012, 6-10 May 2012 Knowing to manage the territory, protect the environment, evaluate the cultural heritage Call for paper – submit your abstract now
From: 03.10.2011 / To: 06.05.2012
Dear Friend and Colleague,

Invitation to FIG Working Week 2012

It is our privilege and honour to invite you to the FIG Working Week 2012 in Rome, Italy to be held from 6 - 10 May 2012. The FIG Working Week will be preceded by the 1st FIG Young Surveyors Conference in Rome 4-5 May 2012.
The overall theme of the Working Week is “Knowing to Manage the Territory – Protect the Environment – Evaluate the Cultural Heritage”. These three sub themes address the challenges of today and their relation to the cultural heritage that Italy and Rome are so famous of. Rome is a natural venue for discussing the past and future of the surveying profession and the global community. The theme implements the theme of the current FIG term of office: “Engaging the Challenge: Enhancing the Relevance”.
The Working Week will bring surveyors and land professionals from all over the world together to meet while specific focus will be given to the Mediterranean region. The conference is organised jointly by FIG and Consiglio Nazionale Geometri e Geometri Laureati that is the biggest FIG member association with its well above 100,000 members. The main partner of the Working Week is UN FAO and other UN agencies supporting the conference. The organisers are expecting more than 1,200 participants to Rome in May from 100 countries.
The opening ceremony and three plenary sessions will address key issues of the surveying profession including latest development in surveying technology, land administration and land tenure, geospatial information, urbanisation and sustainable cities and their relations to cultural heritage and its maintenance.

Call for paper – peer review papers and non-peer review papers

The technical programme will include a broad professional and scientific programme with 8-9 slots each offering from 8 up to 10 parallel sessions and workshops. With flash presentations the programme offers more than 400 presentations in a three-day technical programme. The technical programme will offer specially invited high profile presentations and papers that are selected through the open call for papers procedure.
The Call for Papers is open for both peer review and non-peer review submissions. FIG Working Week 2012 will gather international practitioners and academics from all disciplines within the surveying, geospatial, natural and built environment professions (land surveying, land administration and management, land and real property appraisals, spatial sciences, spatial planning and development, positioning and measurement, engineering surveying, hydrography, environmental and green building and cost, construction and project management).

Invitation and full call for paper: http://www.fig.net/fig2012/fig 2012 call for papers.pdf
Important deadlines for papers: http://www.fig.net/fig2012/deadlines papers.pdf
Submit your abstract: http://www.fig.net/abstractdb/submit.asp?id=14
WW 2012 web site: www.fig.net/fig2012
Peer review papers - Deadline for submission of abstract AND full paper: 1 November 2011
Non peer review papers - Deadline for submission of abstract: 15 December 2011

Young Surveyors Conference - FIG Foundation Young Surveyors Fellowship

The First Young Surveyors Conference will be held immediately prior to the main Working Week event on 4-5 May 2012
FIG Foundation has decided that there will be up to four (4) Fellowships available, to cover the participation of the Young Surveyors Conference and the Working Week.
More information and specifications of requirements: http://www.fig.net/ys/2012 fellowship.htm

We are looking forward to meeting you in Rome in May 2012.

Kind regards,

Ms. Louise Friis-Hansen
FIG Office Manager





The Chamber is a member association in FIG
From: 25.06.2008 / To: 25.07.2008
At the General Assembly of FIG held in Stockholm Chamber of Graduated Surveyors Bulgaria has been accepted for member association

Respond to the KIIP letter
From: 23.06.2008 / To: 23.06.2008
The respond of the Chairperson of KIG to the letter K-031/30.04.2008 from the Chairperson of the Mananging Committee of KIIP has been published in newspaper "Stroitelstvo Gradat" copy 25(563) from June 23-29 2008.

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