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Students & Trainees Exchange Programme
Published: 29 Jul 2011
Valid Till: 01 Dec 2011
The purpose of this programme is to provide students and trainees with an opportunity to discover the geodetic practice within different European countries and concurrently gaining experience in their field of study, past or present.
The idea behind this programme was for CLGE to act as a bridge between the working world and the academic world; what we at CLGE want to achieve through such a programme is to enable companies to post a notice of any vacancies and for students willing to gain experience in a different European country as to where they are currently living to post their CV and make the information available. Hence, with this in mind, CLGE has created a meeting point for students and trainees that are in search of work and for companies that are in search of students and/or trainees.
Applications are available on line and they may be directly filled in by yourself; if you do encounter any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact us by emailing on FirstSTEP@clge.eu. We would also appreciate it if you could give us any feed back both on the programme and on whether you have been able to find a job or offer a job. Keep in touch with us so that we can share your experience with the rest.
Thank You & Good Luck!!!
Company: CLGE
Phone: (+359 2) 855 87 52/ 955 73 45