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Chamber of Graduated Surveyors has been established in 2006 to answer the increased volume of work for surveyors, which is in progress, and the need of equalization the activities that could be performed and the certificates issued by the European Union.

It is non-government organization, which unites graduated engineers’ surveyors. Its main aim is to support, encourage, regulate and promote the interests of all its members and to increase the value of their services to the public. In its activity it will provide support for its members to continue their professional development and keeping them inform for the national and international standards in the field of surveying, cartography and photogrammetry.

In accomplishing our basic goals the Chamber of Graduated Surveyors maintain a close partnership with the universities, which provide education for surveyors, and together we organize qualification courses, post graduated education as well as courses for professional qualification, where members can promote and exchange profession knowledge. For our success we will develop contacts with similar professional organizations national and international. We participate in organizing conferences, seminars, exhibition and other displays in order to keep our members inform with up-to-date innovations in the field of surveying.
We populate our activity among our members and the society by publishing “Geomedia“ magazine and supporting website with the latest innovations in the sphere. In our efforts to be in service to society we keep a register of the members and the one that are licensed.

As one of the main terms of reference in the future for the Chamber imposed to be informing the students of surveying for their possibilities to start their career and cooperative work for developing high-qualified experts.

Governed by elected Managing Committee The Chamber of Graduated Surveyors encourage members` to be part of the future development of the profession by joining the various committees - The Managing Committee, The Control Committee and The Committee of Professional Ethics and Region Colleges.

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